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High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are an age-old means of managing an opening. HIGH SPEED versions of ROLLER SHUTTER DOORS are becoming increasingly popular. ENERCO offers a range of competitively priced HIGH SPEED options that can be used in a diverse range of settings where a simple automated door is required.

Like all roller shutter doors, the HIGH SPEED, FAST ROLLER DOORs consist of many individual steel or aluminium horizontal slats and are operated by rolling the slats around a barrel, directly up or down with the help of either a spring or electric motor, or both. A HIGH SPEED ROLLER SHUTTER DOOR is particularly suited to busy doorways where temperature control and security is of vital importance.


  • Cost effective
  • Stored neatly
  • Minimal room required
  • Enhanced security
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy repairs

ENERCO supplies a wide range of roller shutter doors to the industrial sector. We will work with you closely to learn about and meet your operational requirements. We’ll then advise you on the best type of door to suit your environment, taking into account your industry, building structure and use, size, weather influences and storage and temperature needs. All of these factors will determine what insulation; materials and finish options will work best for your intended use.

We’ll consider the level of security that you require.

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ENERCO is an established market leader in the supply and installation of all types of industrial door systems, loading bay equipment and security products. We are independently owned and, as such, are able to offer a service that is JUST RIGHT for you & your BUSINESS. We partner with both private and public sectors in a diverse range of industries including construction, food, retail, manufacturing and logistics.

The team at ENERCO will do everything it can to understand your business and operational needs so we can best service your requirements. Please email or call us on 01525 289 322 for a friendly chat and a no-obligation quote.